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Entertaining my Inner Fangirl

Fangirltainment : 판걸탠멘트
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One girl's outlet for much talk about Asian entertainment, along with music recs, drama reviews, etc
blog of fangirling
I created this journal to "fangirl" about whatever strikes my fancy. That really could be anything, but I have a few things I like to talk about most. I'm a big fan of Korean pop right now, so a lot of what I talk about surrounds that. However, I do like other music too (namely Asian), so you'll never know what I'll start babbling about next. What else? Dramas! THE BEST THINGS EVER. I like to watch Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese dramas, and I will talk about them to death if I have to. Oh, and review them. Basically, if it exists, I will fangirl it. Or simply comment on it. Whatever the moment calls for.
The purpose of this journal? Entertainment news, music, reviews, etc. I am still working hard to make this a multi-faceted space, with plenty of news and opinions on all sorts of everything, but it takes time to talk about the whole wide world. Coming soon: anything.