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Edit: G-Dragon's company has spoken about this saying in an entry, "The two share a close relationship however these rumors about them dating is incorrect". Hmm... so they say. Keep reading for fun times.

The rumor mill keeps on milling! Isn't it fun, though? Evidently, G-Dragon's girlfriend (I think by now we're all pretty sure she exists; some of the comments I noted here are enough to convince me) has been named, and everyone is going nuts over it. Some think it's legit, while others point out that the original source for this information is just a tabloid looking for some attention. (Re: THIS IS A BIG FAT RUMOR WITH NO LEGITIMATE BASIS!)

But who is this person? Who could be the supposed heart-breaker for our heart-breaker?

According to Sanspo.com (translation source is here via here), it's Mizuhara Kiko. She is a model for the fashion magazine ViVi, and her and GD began dating shortly after Big Bang debuted in Japan.

She was born October 15, 1990. That makes her 19 (non-Korean), almost 20, and two years and few months younger than G-Dragon (whose birthday is coming up; he was born August 18, 1988). Her real name is Audrie Daniel; Mizuhara Kiko is a stage name.

She's quite international as well, so most fans will be able to relate to her in some way. She is half American and half Korean (ethnically, because her mother is Japanese Zainichi/Korean-Japanese). Born in Texas and raised in Kobe, Japan, she fluently speaks English, Japanese, and Korean. She will star as Midori in the film adaption of the novel Norwegian Wood, which is going to be released this fall.
(Some of this via this source.)

Her blog can be found here. She posts a ton of cute pictures!

!!! My goodness. This is so little news, but completely fascinating. She is gorgeous to boot! I know next to nothing about her, but I can't help but be excited and happy for the two of them IF THIS IS REAL. Of course, since neither G-Dragon or YG Entertainment have confirmed any of this, we're still in heavy rumor territory. However, it's been rather clear that GD has someone special in his life, and many fans have speculated that the girl lives in Japan. It's definitely possible!

I really could go on and on about this, but without confirmation I think it's silly to think about it too long. It's very amusing information, though. What do you think? Real or fake? Even if this amounts to nothing, I have to admit I am kind of liking her. She is so pretty! She gets a lot of praise by people. Hmm.

Let's enjoy pictures in the meantime! Under the cut for one gorgeous sweet amazing baby.

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K-drama review: 'You're Beautiful'

I finished watching You're Beautiful and I can really say I'm happy with how it ended.

Click the image or link to see review.

You're Beautiful Review

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This woman is absolutely FIERCE. This is real, people. I'm so glad BoA is back in Korea to remind us all who is in charge. Lately we've had an influx of new groups (this year and last), and this time around it's time for K-pop's best to show everyone who's boss. Rain, Se7en, and now BoA.

Yes, it's a great time to be in the fandom.

The "Hurricane Venus" video is GORGEOUS and I have nothing to complain about. I suppose I'm not into the baseball cap, but other than that I find this video to be ah-mazing. Charisma to the max~

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I've made my first fan-video for a drama since Boys Over Flowers! I decided to make a video for Prosecutor Princess because the couple was so completely engaging to me. They have a great connection and chemistry and GUH. They don't stop your heart much (it's not that kind of drama), but the adorable and touching moments add up and you just love them forever.

The song I used is "Nagging/잔소리" by IU and Seulong (2AM). I originally started the subtitling with Personal Taste in mind, but even before I lost interest in that drama I changed my mind about what drama it would be for. "Nagging" is so much better suited to Prosecutor Princess. Of course, the lyrics can be interpreted in a different way, but I liked that they kind of went with the back-and-forth Hye-ri and In-woo have throughout the drama. Even when they clearly like each other, obstacles keep getting in the way that make them treat each other with barriers, reservations, or distance. All of their frustrations about their feelings and each other often come out in teasing or mocking (even when it seems like it's just pretend). Loooove it.

If you still haven't seen this drama, let me recommend it to you again. It's not perfect or anything with the excitement of something like You're Beautiful or Coffee Prince, but it has a great cast and the story is intriguing.

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(Meant to post this on the 3rd. Sorry it's late!)

!!! Get ready for news. Good news. Great news, even.

Okay, I know a lot of fans must be disappointed right now, but I'm feeling slightly like Christmas came early. Taeyang had to cancel his solo concert because he basically hadn't prepared for it adequately, but that doesn't affect me all that much since I can't go anyway. The exciting thing is this:

YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk revealed, “On the 19th, Taeyang will release his International Release Album… Taeyang will also begin promotions for the title track I’ll Be There soon."

He continued, “YG has begun releasing YG artists’ music on the international iTunes Store for the past few months… For the next step, there are plans to release English versions of future YG artists’ music and music videos through the iTunes store, Youtube, and another international sites… The first artist for this plan is Taeyang with his International Release Album.”

UM, yes?! This is great for several reasons. First off, I was fully prepared to have to wait years and years more until we got more solo material from Taeyang. Two more songs? YESYESYES and YES. Second, it's international. International. That means we're being noticed! This deserves a dance that goes on forever, but I'll spare you. Third, "I'll Be There" is getting promotion. AND A DANCE! YHS even thinks it's the best he's seen in several years.

I'm wondering about all of this. English versions? That usually ends up disastrous (see: any of Big Bang's English remakes, especially "We Belong Together." One word: juicy. *Shiver*), but I'll cross my fingers like crazy and hope that this time something better is going to happen.

But you know what? I don't care. I really don't care about WHAT we're getting, but just that we're getting something! SO EXCITED!

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I started watching You're Beautiful the other day and I think it's safe to say that I'm absolutely in love.

You're Beautiful

I'm sure many of you are thinking things along the lines of, "Well... duh," but let me explain. I've been through enough drama seasons to know how to schedule what I watch. I typically wait around and try to catch what people are saying. My main questions throughout these times are, "Is it going to be worth it for me to sit through all of the episodes?" and, "Will it be sweet and true only up until the last episode, where it will trample my emotions and dump them in the nearest river?" and so on.

For instance, last season we had three dramas airing around the same time that all got a lot of acclaim/notice/hype: Cinderella's Sister, Personal Taste, and Prosecutor Princess. I didn't bother with Cinderella's Sister because my eyes/ears told me it would be too melodramatic for my taste (feel free to tell me I'm wrong). Personal Taste seemed to disappoint a lot of people but I decided to try it anyway (because Lee Minho called to me). DISAPPOINTED. I still haven't finished it because of several issues I will gladly discuss with you if you ask (I stopped after episode 11). Prosecutor Princess seemed to be outside of my usual drama fare, but it got a lot of positive reviews so I tried and adored it.

Cinderella's Sister (cap credit), Personal Taste, and Prosecutor Princess

I guess this is my long winded way of explaining that I know what people say about dramas, and I'm usually right about what I hear (in terms of what I will or won't like). In the case of You're Beautiful, of course I heard it was amazing. In fact, I heard so many people say it was good that I've put it off for the day when I need to be reminded why I love watching dramas. A few days ago, after Personal Taste had me down in the dumps, I decided to just GO FOR IT.

Okay, so I haven't even made it halfway through yet. I just finished episode six last night (baby let's take it slowww~ haha) and I'm not in a rush to finish. The thing I'm loving is that I'm watching with excitement and when I'm done with an episode, I'm full of laughter and I don't have to come up with ten thousand excuses for why I can stop watching. I actually have to get myself to STOP watching because I'll need to go to bed or something.

So where am I going with all of this? I suppose I just wanted to tell you all that my faith has been restored in dramas. I'm racking up quite the pile of shows that I picked up and put down because of one reason or another. More often than not, I will hate one or more of the characters to the point that I can't bear to keep watching. Otherwise, the plot will have reached a point of either greatness (in which case I don't want to continue because the next episode will ruin it all and plunge me into depths of despair), crap (in which case everything has gone to the dogs and there isn't a point to keep going), or blandness (this usually happens with J-dramas; every episode is basically a variation on a theme until the last episode when the world must be saved or something. SO PREDICTABLE AND ANNOYING). I'm trying not to get overly excited about You're Beautiful because with ten episodes left, there is so much room for twists and turns that will disappoint. However, I have a little faith for the integrity of the show, and believe it won't completely let me down.

(Is it sad that I'm dying to buy this even though I haven't even reached that episode yet? I don't even have money for it, and if I did I should buy something more practical. BUT OMG IT CALLS OUT TO MY FANGIRL SPIRIT.)

(So far my only two gripes are: Park Shin-hye doesn't even begin to look like a guy EVER, and while Jung Yong-hwa is adorable and fantastic in C.N.Blue, his acting is equivalent to Kim Hyun-joong's for me. SORRY BOY :()

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Review of SHINee's 'Lucifer' MV

One of the first things I thought while watching SHINee's new "Lucifer" video was, "Something like this can only exist within Kpop." It's culturally acceptable for these guys to be somewhat androgynous (while remaining masculine). Their style is so strange, but I love it. It's so bad it's good? It's so outdated it's come back? I don't know.

Second thought: It's fierce! Work it, boys! I love the choreography and adoreeee the video's focus on it. Don't give me videos with plots; just give me the dance and nobody gets hurt. SHINee's videos usually make me happy for this reason.

Anyway, I love "Lucifer" (I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it; I can't find a pattern to it or pick out parts like bridge and chorus etc. easily), and the rest of the album sounds fab. Congrats, SHINee for staying cool.

(I can't believe Minho finally has normal hair and everyone else's hair is wtf-ery. Taemin? IDK. IDEK. Still fierce.)

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K-drama review: 'Prosecutor Princess'

I have finally finished and reviewed a drama! It's been so long. You have to know it's good for me to actually review it just an hour after finishing the last episode.

Click the image or link to see review.

Prosecutor Princess Review

I need to update this list with more than just the Prosecutor Princess review, but you'll get those eventually.

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Taeyang's new "I Need a Girl" MV is ace

YG released the new version of Taeyang's "I Need a Girl" MV today! The details on why they ditched the first video are foggy, but it's thought that it either wasn't received well enough by fans or there was some issue (such as plagiarism) that YG didn't catch until after they released the video to the public. Here are my thoughts on the video:

I'm really surprised they started out with "You're My," but it was beautifully done. They kept just enough song in to sound complete, but they didn't bore you to tears by having EVERYTHING in.

As far as the "I Need a Girl" part, I think it's pretty classy. It's so unfortunate that Taeyang and Sandara have nooooo (NONE) chemistry. Taeyang is working it despite this, but Dara is so stiff and wooden. She can't even pretend that she's into him D: I wish they did Jihye like they do in his live performances.

To be fair, however, Taeyang has had wayyy more time to perfect this than Dara. Poor Dara probably learned the dance in a few days and had to just go with it, and Jihye is a professional dancer so she is a lot smoother. Still, you want Dara to match him... he is so passionate and putting so much effort into it. You can see his cute face lighting up and her face is such a fake smile :(

I love G-Dragon's part! Having GD and and Taeyang sit back-to-back is lovely, especially with their opposite suits. Dara's solo shots are pretty decent, but I can't get over how contrived all her expressions look. We've seen her acting so much better in the past. Why is she like this now? I guess she's no good being coy. She probably would do better if she was a little quirker, right? It was funny how they had to stick some gorgeous girls in with GD before the end of his part though, lol.

All in all, it was definitely cleaner than the original. The original was all over the place, and had no cohesion. I love that this one captures the choreography! I think it would have been nice if they actually combined the two, but kept the shots from the original a bit less graphic. Hmm (I'm wondering if it would be fun to edit...). Anyway, I really liked it! I'm glad this song got the video it deserved.

(I'm now going to try my best to keep away from making so many Taeyang posts! You know I love him though ;))

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This is a Taeyang post

Been really busy, so I've been gone for a while. Here is what I originally wrote about Taeyang's "I Need a Girl" MV and his first comeback performance (on Mnet).

I Need a Girl MVCollapse )

Onto his comeback on the first of the month. I wrote these right after I saw them, but my day was really busy and I never got around to it. Anyway, good luck finding these performances online! They usually become private or get removed shortly after they air. Watch them when they're first released!

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Finally, I made a Taeyang tribute video just before "Solar" was released. View it here:

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I also made a fan-MV for TOP and Taeyang's "친구/Friend" song. It took me a few months! Check it out here. It has English subtitles too.

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