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Big Bang is Back on SBS!

Come join me at! Here's my latest. Tonight I automatically thought to post here because I forgot my website existed, to be quite honest. HAHA! It's just easier with time and everything to post in one place. My love for all of you hasn't changed though! I MISS YOUR COMMENTS. Anyway:

Hey everyone! I just got a chance to watch the SBS hour-long Big Bang comeback special. I wanted to include my reactions to each song, although everything is a little out of order (I'm watching on YouTube, so it's to be expected). I'm so excited Big Bang is promoting again! Fun times all around.


LSFJdslkf BIG BANG IS BACK. That's what this is all about. And it's wonderful.

The dance almost surprised me, haha. I actually forgot one would accompany the song. It seems rather arbitrary and odd, actually.

Kilts. That is all.

Okay, so the dance is growing on me. I think what's lacking in this performance is the live energy an audience gives. They recorded this without an audience so I'm guessing that's what's missing for me.

How freaking manly does Daesung look? Somehow his new style makes him look OLD, but in a good way. They all look very mature, actually. Two years is a long time!

In fact, I think that's why I feel so weirded out by the choreography. Part of my brain is wondering why they are all dancing in unison. I wish they did something more along the lines of GD and TOP because that felt so natural! It's weird seeing them all just doing the moves without a lot of energy. GD especially stands out to me as someone who is not into this kind of thing (his face shows it), and we all know TOP isn't much of a dancer. I don't think it's wrong or particularly strange for them to be dancing because it's expected of them, but I just feel that it's a little stilted in this performance.

I already heard about GD's spotlight moment from the Big Show recaps, but it's still awesome! Also, please note that he is clearly wearing a dress. This is not a first but it's still worth of mentioning.

Last Farewell: A true classic! I always love the energy of this song. SEE. this is entirely what was missing from the "Tonight" perf. This has so much fun and adorableness even though it's a song they've performed hundreds of times. I'm not saying the other song needs anything more than an audience.

AW, Deasung's beautiful smile! Yay. And I just got a good look at Taeyang's shirt LMAO. BACON AND EGGS SMILY FACE!

Sunset Glow: The performance level continues to own. This is looking like a mini-concert, haha. Oh, and now I'm seeing that they all have some kind of food on their shirts, lol. GD's excitement about everything is so evident. LOVING IT. I know they recorded these things a while before the new material so it could be that they were a lot more tired later, especially with Big Show prep.

Somebody to Love:
Everyone looks so good! I'm starting to think Daesung has a Hyun Bin cut. I still don't feel in love with this song but they definitely look great performing it. I still stand by the fact that a live audience pumps up everything by like... a thousand million frillion. You know, it's not everything but it's ALMOST everything. I think they feed off of the excitement of fans.

I was really curious how they'd do this song. I think it's pretty fun, and their outfits CRACK ME UP. They all have their own faces on their clothes! Haha, love it. They sound awesome! I can't believe SBS is letting therm do all of this. Their old songs aren't really getting 100% of the original song time, but the new ones are. Love the classic black and white look. AND THE WAY GD FINISHES THE SONG? HEAAAAAAAARTS.

MMM yeah, I love remixes of this song. This one is particularly fantastic! I loved the way they ended it. And dang, those fans close to the stage lucked out.

Hands Up:
I'm surprised they did this one in front of fans! But it's not like it's a super new song. It's a fun one for the stage, definitely. LOL of the shot of Seungri grinning (at about a minute in). Oh SBS, your lyrics. Or is it YG who is at fault? "Everybody plz don't stop" LMAO. YESSSSSS TOP. He rules his part in this song. I kind of need Taeyang to take of his shade though. Have you tried wearing sunglasses inside? It's crap. I do it sometimes because I'm lazy (if you're just walking through a building) but you can't see anything LOL. I love GD's flying move. he can do it all day long and I won't care.

OH, and of course, their "Big Bang is back" banners are perfection.

What Is Right:
I love GD's hat! The choreography is super cute too, making me like this song more than before (the happy rainbows in the back are also helping). I like how their clothes show off their own individual styles but they also work together.

Okay, that's it for now. I want to wait until the interviews are subbed and I still haven't finished Secret Garden so I want to wait on the parody (and I'm sure that would also be funnier if it was subbed). YAY though. I love Big Bang! What did you think of all this hoopla?
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