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My take on Co-ed

Since I haven't posted in so long, I thought I'd review some songs/groups/videos/etc. that have been released in my absence. I'll focus on one item at a time, but I'm pretty behind so expect more to come! This is a good compromise for me; it doesn't take as much time and gives me a reason to post more.

Today's subject is Co-ed!

Before I even start reviewing, I need to know what the heck their name is! Co.ed? Co-ed? Coed? Co.ed School? WHAT IS IT? Haha. Since their video says their name is "Coed School" I'll call them that. Except I'm adding the hyphen because it reads better.

Co-ed - Too Late: Ever since I've heard of their existence, I've wondered how they'll turn out. I've actually been hoping for a mixed gender group for a while now; it just seemed inevitable after having hoards of respective boy and girl groups. I know that Co-ed isn't the first, but they're definitely the most hyped. From their promotional pictures, they seem very styled and trendy. Watching the video for their debut song, "Too Late," made me even more intrigued. I personally thought the video was too contrived and produced, but it's very exciting to see this group in action. I was disappointed at first to see that they were separated into guys and girls, but when they came together it was really fun. Of course, on stage boy and girl groups will dance with the opposite gender, but it's only because they have backup dancers. With Co-ed, I like that all of the members are working and singing together at the end of the day. They seem like a HUGE group when they're together, but it's not like we haven't had that before.

When it comes to their song, "Too Late," I think it's good. It has a lot of energy! It reminds me a little of Britney Spears' "If You Seek Amy," but not so much that I'll be cray cray netizen and claim plagiarism.

I'm a bit sad that they're so young (honestly, whenever any member comes close to my youngest sister's age I start freaking out that I should find myself a good casket because I've clearly gotten too old), but they don't let that stop them. If they keep things up at this level I could easily become a fan.
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