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New music from Taeyang! (reviews)

Taeyang's international album was released today, so now we have new songs to listen to. I heard 30-second previews for "Connection" and "Wedding Dress" (English) the other day, so I'm pretty hyped right now!

  • Connection (feat. Bigtone): "I've got a good feeling about this one," OMG, so right. I'm really, freakishly excited about this song after hearing the preview. I think it's going to be better than "I'll Be There," actually. DSFJLSDljf I love it! It has a good rhythm and askjfsldfdj. His English is amazing in this song! I lovelovelove it. I like the lyrics too. I mean, some words are fudged a bit, but it's pretty darn clear for someone who isn't fluent in the language. But lsjdfsldj! I'm so happy with this song. The music is so happy.

  • Wedding Dress (English): This must be a really tough one for him. It's so fast paced. I think that makes it harder to understand (because his accent is stronger), but I feel like this version is more of a fan-service than anything. So many international fans love this song, so it's sweet that they made an English version. I do like the lyrics though. I want some words in front of me, however, because I can't pick up what the heck he's saying for the most part LOL.

So excited about these songs! What do you think?
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