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Why GP Basic is good for K-Pop

In case you haven't noticed, being irritated with the existence GP Basic is in vogue. Despite this, I've lately been trying to see the good in having such a young group be on the K-Pop scene.

I actually began with giant misgivings and annoyance; I even wrote a bit on why I think Janey (the youngest member, born 12/14/98) should NOT be a part of this group. I actually still hold this position, so I'll let you read:

YG Entertainment has taken on some young trainees, but they've yet to debut anyone I'd consider "too" young. (Minzy did debut at fifteen, but she was not the first of that age to hit the scene.) If G-Dragon, Taeyang, or Minzy debuted as young as Janey (hypothetically, because GD and Taeyang didn't even come to YG until they were older than this girl, believe it or not), imagine how much fierceness would be gone from them now? I think their long years as trainees helped them face their debuts with sharp attention.

Right now, Janey is a gimmick. Sure, she has some talent, but that's certainly NOT why she's appearing in this group now. She is grabbing the group attention because of her age. On top of that, she's making the company money sooner because they aren't training her forever and a day before debut (training takes time and money). They also aren't running the risk that she'll pop off to a different company after getting all her training. It's likely that she'll be loyal to the company because they helped get her off her feet very early.

This could be said for any of the girls because they are a very young group, but I choose her because she is younger than most idols that have debuted (I would say "all," but my K-pop knowledge doesn't encompass the entirety of history).

While I still feel that Janey is too young, along with all of the other members of the group, now that they are here and possibly here to stay... it's time to start seeing how they fit into the K-pop puzzle.

My younger sister is into K-pop to some extent, so I recently told her about how young GP Basic was and that they were debuting. She is actually the same age all of the members except Janey; she was born in '96, as were they. While she agreed they were young, she seems intrigued by them. I can't blame her. If you're into music (or anything really), it's always fascinating to have people your age to relate to.

This has me thinking: even though those of us who are older than GP Basic think all of this is a bad idea (and really, it's for so many reasons), perhaps we're not considering what age group they're marketing themselves to. I suppose they're going for the younger set.

I am beginning to feel that this is a good thing. With all of the overly sexed up older groups we have, isn't it refreshing to have a group of (relatively) wholesome young people? Perhaps the benefit of having GP Basic in the K-pop world is that they bring something pure and sweet to the table. They are better role models for kids/young teens because they show that a group can exist without all of the flashy, skinny, sexual baggage that their sunbaes/seniors carry.

Who really knows though; I'm not 11-14 anymore, not even close. I'm just trying to find some good in taking advantage of little babies who need to be spending more time in school and with friends and family and... well, now I'm digressing. What do you think? (Honestly, as someone who is 11-9 years their senior, I can't help but want to wish them better!)
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