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Big Bang is Back on SBS!

Come join me at fangirltainment.com! Here's my latest. Tonight I automatically thought to post here because I forgot my website existed, to be quite honest. HAHA! It's just easier with time and everything to post in one place. My love for all of you hasn't changed though! I MISS YOUR COMMENTS. Anyway:

Hey everyone! I just got a chance to watch the SBS hour-long Big Bang comeback special. I wanted to include my reactions to each song, although everything is a little out of order (I'm watching on YouTube, so it's to be expected). I'm so excited Big Bang is promoting again! Fun times all around.


LSFJdslkf BIG BANG IS BACK. That's what this is all about. And it's wonderful.

The dance almost surprised me, haha. I actually forgot one would accompany the song. It seems rather arbitrary and odd, actually.

Kilts. That is all.

Okay, so the dance is growing on me. I think what's lacking in this performance is the live energy an audience gives. They recorded this without an audience so I'm guessing that's what's missing for me.

How freaking manly does Daesung look? Somehow his new style makes him look OLD, but in a good way. They all look very mature, actually. Two years is a long time!

In fact, I think that's why I feel so weirded out by the choreography. Part of my brain is wondering why they are all dancing in unison. I wish they did something more along the lines of GD and TOP because that felt so natural! It's weird seeing them all just doing the moves without a lot of energy. GD especially stands out to me as someone who is not into this kind of thing (his face shows it), and we all know TOP isn't much of a dancer. I don't think it's wrong or particularly strange for them to be dancing because it's expected of them, but I just feel that it's a little stilted in this performance.

I already heard about GD's spotlight moment from the Big Show recaps, but it's still awesome! Also, please note that he is clearly wearing a dress. This is not a first but it's still worth of mentioning.

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Okay, that's it for now. I want to wait until the interviews are subbed and I still haven't finished Secret Garden so I want to wait on the parody (and I'm sure that would also be funnier if it was subbed). YAY though. I love Big Bang! What did you think of all this hoopla?

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With the business of life, it's easier to update one place. I hope you guys understand... I'm not giving up on here, but right now I'll be doing all of my stuff on http://fangirltainment.com



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My take on Co-ed

Since I haven't posted in so long, I thought I'd review some songs/groups/videos/etc. that have been released in my absence. I'll focus on one item at a time, but I'm pretty behind so expect more to come! This is a good compromise for me; it doesn't take as much time and gives me a reason to post more.

Today's subject is Co-ed!

Before I even start reviewing, I need to know what the heck their name is! Co.ed? Co-ed? Coed? Co.ed School? WHAT IS IT? Haha. Since their video says their name is "Coed School" I'll call them that. Except I'm adding the hyphen because it reads better.

Co-ed - Too Late: Ever since I've heard of their existence, I've wondered how they'll turn out. I've actually been hoping for a mixed gender group for a while now; it just seemed inevitable after having hoards of respective boy and girl groups. I know that Co-ed isn't the first, but they're definitely the most hyped. From their promotional pictures, they seem very styled and trendy. Watching the video for their debut song, "Too Late," made me even more intrigued. I personally thought the video was too contrived and produced, but it's very exciting to see this group in action. I was disappointed at first to see that they were separated into guys and girls, but when they came together it was really fun. Of course, on stage boy and girl groups will dance with the opposite gender, but it's only because they have backup dancers. With Co-ed, I like that all of the members are working and singing together at the end of the day. They seem like a HUGE group when they're together, but it's not like we haven't had that before.

When it comes to their song, "Too Late," I think it's good. It has a lot of energy! It reminds me a little of Britney Spears' "If You Seek Amy," but not so much that I'll be cray cray netizen and claim plagiarism.

I'm a bit sad that they're so young (honestly, whenever any member comes close to my youngest sister's age I start freaking out that I should find myself a good casket because I've clearly gotten too old), but they don't let that stop them. If they keep things up at this level I could easily become a fan.

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I apologize for being gone for a bit. My college started last week so I've been busy with that. You are all such sweethearts to keep visiting though. People are still coming! It's great. When I don't feel like it's worth it to write, I remember you and it gets me excited again.

SO! 2NE1's new album is out. It was released a few hours ago, but I was in the middle of classes so I missed the excitement of refreshing pages until it appeared on my screen. However, I'm still pretty pumped for it. It's been a long time coming (but it's here now. What? You know you were thinking it), but here we are and it's too exciting.

Somehow, though, I don't feel quite ready for this album. I want to hear it and I've been waiting for it for ages, but I somehow... don't know what to think about it being here already. I think I'm nervous that it will disappoint. OH WELL! There is only one way to find out: let's get ready to listen.

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I definitely recommend this to people who have enjoyed 2NE1 songs in the past. It's not a miracle or gift to K-pop, but it's a solid album. I can't wait to check out the promotions for this album! They're promoting three title tracks at once ("Can't Nobody," "Clap Your Hands," and "Go Away"), so it should be very interesting. I'll try to post about the videos at some point, but depending on the content I might wait until all three are out.

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The video for Big Bang's latest Japanese single, "Beautiful Hangover," was released yesterday. I actually watched it as soon as I saw it pop up in my YouTube subscription box, but I'm only posting about it now.

Why on earth is G-Dragon so gorgeous? This is the question I kept asking myself while watching this video. No, seriously. He looks AMAZING here (It doesn't help that when TOP says, "Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful..." GD is staring straight at the camera like "darn straight I am," lol). While I definitely have a huge leaning toward Taeyang, GD never fails to pull me in with his... I don't even know what it is. He just is what he is. Let me give three words to each member:

  • G-Dragon: Gorgeous, charismatic, stylish.
  • Taeyang: Adorable, amazing, 멋지다 (cool).
  • TOP: Hot, fabulous, boy.
  • Daesung: Cute, sweet, lovely.
  • Seungri: Precocious, snarky, sharp.

Some of the really can't be explained. Just thought you'd like my take on each member? But I'm seriously digressing.

Anyway, I didn't get the video at first, but the second time around I started picking up on what I thought it could mean. It seems like Daesung is a drug dealer (LOLing forever) who works with/for Seungri. He gives the drug to G-Dragon and Taeyang who both see the same beautiful girl when they take it (I think the girl is real, but she only comes around when they're drugged). The drug messes them up, but they are so in love with the girl that they keep going for it. Seungri monitors all of the interactions that take place with the girl, and also checks to see that the guys are getting the drugs. At the end of the video Taeyang can't ~afford~ the drugs or something, so he has to give the girl up to GD. TOP just stands around being sexy as all get out; I don't know what his purpose is, to be honest. I think he guards the room that they meet the girl in.

If anyone is wondering what's written on the doors, I'll put it below:

"(And now here is my secret, a very simple secret) It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"(Life has taught us that) Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The text in parenthesis is from the full quote, but everything outside it is on either of the doors (left and right depends on which direction you're viewing them from). The person quoted, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, it most famous for writing The Little Prince. Interesting, right? I wonder a little why they added the text, but at least they chose good quotes.

I think this video is AMAZING and I want to watch it over and over. Big Bang's recent Japanese videos have yet to fail me. I hope that when Big Bang comes back to Korea that they'll (YG) devote the same attention to quality!

As far as the song goes, I've actually been listening to it since the beginning of the month, starting with a rip from a live performance. I don't think it's their best song, but it's really easy to listen to.

What are your thoughts? Did you understand the video? Did you like it?

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New music from Taeyang! (reviews)

Taeyang's international album was released today, so now we have new songs to listen to. I heard 30-second previews for "Connection" and "Wedding Dress" (English) the other day, so I'm pretty hyped right now!

  • Connection (feat. Bigtone): "I've got a good feeling about this one," OMG, so right. I'm really, freakishly excited about this song after hearing the preview. I think it's going to be better than "I'll Be There," actually. DSFJLSDljf I love it! It has a good rhythm and askjfsldfdj. His English is amazing in this song! I lovelovelove it. I like the lyrics too. I mean, some words are fudged a bit, but it's pretty darn clear for someone who isn't fluent in the language. But lsjdfsldj! I'm so happy with this song. The music is so happy.

  • Wedding Dress (English): This must be a really tough one for him. It's so fast paced. I think that makes it harder to understand (because his accent is stronger), but I feel like this version is more of a fan-service than anything. So many international fans love this song, so it's sweet that they made an English version. I do like the lyrics though. I want some words in front of me, however, because I can't pick up what the heck he's saying for the most part LOL.

So excited about these songs! What do you think?

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Why GP Basic is good for K-Pop

In case you haven't noticed, being irritated with the existence GP Basic is in vogue. Despite this, I've lately been trying to see the good in having such a young group be on the K-Pop scene.

I actually began with giant misgivings and annoyance; I even wrote a bit on why I think Janey (the youngest member, born 12/14/98) should NOT be a part of this group. I actually still hold this position, so I'll let you read:

YG Entertainment has taken on some young trainees, but they've yet to debut anyone I'd consider "too" young. (Minzy did debut at fifteen, but she was not the first of that age to hit the scene.) If G-Dragon, Taeyang, or Minzy debuted as young as Janey (hypothetically, because GD and Taeyang didn't even come to YG until they were older than this girl, believe it or not), imagine how much fierceness would be gone from them now? I think their long years as trainees helped them face their debuts with sharp attention.

Right now, Janey is a gimmick. Sure, she has some talent, but that's certainly NOT why she's appearing in this group now. She is grabbing the group attention because of her age. On top of that, she's making the company money sooner because they aren't training her forever and a day before debut (training takes time and money). They also aren't running the risk that she'll pop off to a different company after getting all her training. It's likely that she'll be loyal to the company because they helped get her off her feet very early.

This could be said for any of the girls because they are a very young group, but I choose her because she is younger than most idols that have debuted (I would say "all," but my K-pop knowledge doesn't encompass the entirety of history).

While I still feel that Janey is too young, along with all of the other members of the group, now that they are here and possibly here to stay... it's time to start seeing how they fit into the K-pop puzzle.

My younger sister is into K-pop to some extent, so I recently told her about how young GP Basic was and that they were debuting. She is actually the same age all of the members except Janey; she was born in '96, as were they. While she agreed they were young, she seems intrigued by them. I can't blame her. If you're into music (or anything really), it's always fascinating to have people your age to relate to.

This has me thinking: even though those of us who are older than GP Basic think all of this is a bad idea (and really, it's for so many reasons), perhaps we're not considering what age group they're marketing themselves to. I suppose they're going for the younger set.

I am beginning to feel that this is a good thing. With all of the overly sexed up older groups we have, isn't it refreshing to have a group of (relatively) wholesome young people? Perhaps the benefit of having GP Basic in the K-pop world is that they bring something pure and sweet to the table. They are better role models for kids/young teens because they show that a group can exist without all of the flashy, skinny, sexual baggage that their sunbaes/seniors carry.

Who really knows though; I'm not 11-14 anymore, not even close. I'm just trying to find some good in taking advantage of little babies who need to be spending more time in school and with friends and family and... well, now I'm digressing. What do you think? (Honestly, as someone who is 11-9 years their senior, I can't help but want to wish them better!)

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Nine Muses! Don't get me wrong; I don't particularly mind them. But WOW, what a snooze. Watch these girls on stage and you'll zone out before 30 seconds are up.

Where is the charisma? Or smiles? Or any attempt to engage the audience? I took dance for several years, starting from age 3, and even from the very first performance I understood that we were supposed to smile and get into the routine. How can these nine women--these "mod-ols," or whatever they're being called--fail in that department?

No one's voice stands out, no one's aesthetic catches your attention, and no one seems to put much energy into it all.

I don't want to put all the blame on these girls; they should have gotten a better debut song, for one. I first heard them on Prosecutor Princess because they do the song "Give Me" for the soundtrack. It's not a great song either, but it has a lot more umph than this. "No Playboy" could possibly pass as a b-side, but the fact that it's a title track is disappointing. Heck, though, even listening to "Give Me" again makes me notice the lack of emotion in their voices.

So, it's not like they can't sing, but that they aren't singing with enough. To me, that means they need more training or they should not be singers. I'm going to be silly and make a You're Beautiful comparison: In one episode a character (Go Mi-nam/Mi-nyeo) is recording a track and she's technically correct in her singing. However, the emotion isn't there and the producers aren't satisfied until she is able to procure said emotion. When she does, the track is so much better for it. I also recently read an interview with Taeyang in which he said that he had a period of time in which he struggled as a singer. He finally realized he needed to stop "just singing" his songs and really put emotion into what he was doing. Since he got to that understanding, he was able to finally release the music he worked on for a long time.

My point? Music needs emotion. Sometimes the emotion is significant and will really capture us, but for the most part (in the world of average K-pop) there is a more simple emotion on the scene: enthusiasm. You can see it with some of the female groups promoting right now. From Rainbow to Secret and even to GP Basic, they all show off energy and charm. Even if the song isn't impressive, or the choreography adequate, or the styling on spot... they all capture your attention with their efforts.

I really wish the Nine Muses well. However, until they can show me some more emotion I will have to wait to be a fan. Please don't take this the wrong way; in interviews they seem very cute and energetic, but for some reason they aren't showing that off on stage. I look forward to seeing improvement from them! You can only go up from this point... I hope.

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It seems kind of ironic to add English subtitles to an English song, but hang on before you start snickering. Sure, Taeyang's English is a tad accented in this version, but not so much that the meaning of the song is hard to get. Still, it's nice to read the lyrics as they are spoken; it's easier to understand no matter whether you totally understand the language of the song or not.

I subtitled this song for a reason I won't disclose at this point, but I wanted to share this because I thought some people might like it / get use out of it / etc., you know? It's no video, and it's also not a translation of the Korean lyrics... Sidebar: The Korean and English versions are different; I'm the English version is upbeat and lovey-dovey, while the Korean has more depth to it. Note these two comparisons of even the English lyrics of both songs:

They've called me dangerous-dangerous
yet they're killing ki-killing us

Cuz love is dangerous dangerous,
and it’s killing us

Hmm... ANYWAY, I know it's not super ~exciting~, but hopefully you like it nonetheless!

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I can't believe we're once again getting to experience new music from Taeyang. There was such a long dry spell, and now we have been blessed with all of this music in this month and a half.

I can't wait to hear the Korean and English versions of "I'll Be There"! I'm listening to the English version first. I generally like Korean artists best in Korean, so I don't want to fall in love with the K-version and poo-poo the English one.

English: I looooove the piano and the interesting synthy sounds. This track sounds pretty dance-inspired right now. His English is a bit off, but not so much that I can't stand it. It's just hard to understand him straight off the bat. For some reason this reminds me of Kanye West's "808s & Hearbreak" album (the autotune style?). I ADORE the chorus. Holy smokes, this might be a new favorite. "SOME HATERS TRY TO GET US DOWN" lol love~ Something in the background of the music sounds like a video game. IDK I am seriously getting a bigger grin the longer this song goes on. THE BRIDGE. HEARTHEARTHEART. This song actually sounds really, really decent in English. I don't have any complaints other than some slightly accented words here and there.

LDSFJSDFJK guh. Totally happy with this!

Korean: Now, on to the Korean version! The music for this song is inspired. I love it the more I hear it! Ah, somehow hearing him sing in Korean is sooo much more natural (of course) and easy to listen to. I think it's great that "I'll Be There" works in two languages though; sometimes multi-language versions of songs sound awkward.It definitely sounds fantastic either way. I can easily say that! I can't believe that.

I wonder if this song was recently composed or did they have it up their sleeve? Because why on earth would they not put this on "Solar" originally? It's amazing. I cannot WAIT for the MV.

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